Thank You to everyone who walked with us and see you all next year!

Nashville Walk4Hearing

Nashville Walk4Hearing

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2020 Nashville Walk pix - team photo

Walk Details



Local Sponsors

  • HLAA Nashville Chapter logo
  • Tennessee Captioning
  • TennesseeRelayService


  • Acoustic Neuroma Association
  • American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association
  • Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss
  • Ava's Voice
  • Canine Companions for Independence
  • Dogs for Better Lives
  • Ear Community
  • Global Alliance of Speech-to-Text Captioning
  • Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss
  • Hearing Health Foundation
  • HearStrong Foundation
  • Lemonaids
  • Miracle-Ear Foundation
  • National CMV Foundation
  • Family Voices of Tennessee PEARS
  • Tennessee Organization of the Deaf-Blind
  • The CARE Project
  • The Decibels Foundation
  • Usher Syndrome Coalition