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Team Katie

Thank you for your interest in supporting Team Katie.  

Here is an update on Katie:

After much searching and advocating for an appropriate school placement, Katie began Kindergarten at New York School for the Deaf in September 2017.  We are so grateful to the team of educators at NYSD for their knowledge, patience and determination in making sure Katie receives what is necessry to be successful.  Her language, motor and social skills have grown leaps and bounds.  Although she still has a ways to go, it has become more and more clear that the right educational placement is key and that despite the many feelings that go along with advocating for a child it is necessary and worth the effort.  Katie will continue at NYSD next year and we are looking forward to seeing her progress. 


Aside from school Katie remains a lively, friendly, and compassionate girl.  She enjoys having her nails painted, getting dressed up and playing house.  Due to her increased motor capabilites she has begun to enjoy arts and crafts and loves riding her bike and scooter.  Spending time with family is always high on her list.

The Hearing Loss Association of America's (HLAA) call to action for the 2018 Walk4Hearing is Get Your Hearing Checked.  This is the reason we discovered Katie's hearing loss and it continues to be the way we monitor it.  Had we not taken it upon ourselves to get her hearing checked she may very well have continued to go undetected.  Without the knowledge of the loss we would have considered to support her needs as we were, but we wouldn't have gained the knowledge to get her what she really needed.  Without the diagnosis she would not have been fitted with hearing aids or have been accepted at NYSD and she might be in a general education setting slipping further and further behind.  We have learned that even the slightest bit of hearing loss has great ramifications!  Please Get Your Hearing CheckedHearing Loss does not discriminate! 

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