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We Can All Help!

There’s strength in numbers, UM! And together, we can accomplish so much by working toward a common goal. And the goal for today (and 2020) is - to have you join and/or donate to my Walk4Hearing team!

We’re walking to raise awareness about the importance of hearing health and to help improve the lives of people living with hearing loss. No one should have to be on this journey alone.

48 million (or, 1 in 6) people in the United States are living with some level of hearing loss. In today’s noisy world, millions more are at risk. We may not be able to reverse hearing loss, but we can help make a difference. Chances are, you blast music when you like a song that comes on the radio. We all do. But do you know the true side affects? Hearing loss. Complete deafness. Help to raise awareness about this ever-growing cause!

Whether you join my team, make a donation, or help raise awareness by sharing what you’ve learned, I appreciate your help as we work to improve the lives of people living with hearing loss!

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