Long Beach Walk4Hearing

Connor and his grandmother Katie at last year's Walk
Connor and his grandmother Katie at last year's Walk

Connor's Beach Buddies

We are so proud to have Connor as our Team Captain.  He has won the hearts of our members.  For 4 years, his family and friends have come out to walk with us and help us raise money for the work we do for those with hearing loss.

The LongBeach/LakewoodChapter uses their part of the money to help others learn to cope with their hearing loss.  We have a monthly demonstration of Hearing Assistive Devices that hard of hearing people can use to make their lives easier. We don't sell anything; we have a large variety of devices that we show people how to use - alerting devices, personal amplification devices and technology to help watch TV.  We firmly believe in using available technology to help those with hearing loss participate in life more successfully.  Our future plans include reaching out to other community groups and spreading the word about Hearing Assistive Technology. Won't you help us get the word out? Hearing loss affects 48 million Americans.  It's very probable that you know someone affected by it.


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