Connecticut Walk4Hearing

Team Walters

Team Walters! Here we go again. The 2017 CT Walk4Hearing is a Sunday morning stroll this year on Sunday May 21 @10am. We hope all of our village can make it and are looking forward to seeing everyone! We feel so lucky to have such dedicated friends who continue to support our boys year after year, some we literally only see once a year on walk day, but they continue to make it every year!

The boys are doing great, both in school and staying at age appropriate levels with the help of Soundbridge in the school working with them. Awareness fun fact: I know of 5 hearing impaired children in our tiny town's elementary/Intermediate School. Jackson has another girl in his own class who wears hearing aids and Chase has a little girl in the PreK program who also wears hearing aids!

Jackson's most recent report card was "age appropriate" or above in every single area except for his one "needs improvement." Ironically this was in "has self-control over using his voice" (or something like that????) Basically he iss a complete Chatterbox and his teacher was nicely stating that he never stops talking (I feel ya lady!). BUT we wouldnt ask for any other "needs improvement" from this deaf kid! Its been a long journey on this rocky road and we are reminded daily of the ongoing speedbumps they will endure forever, but also how lucky we are to have the technology and services that we do-and most importantly all of you to support them! Per usual, we are allocating our funds to Soundbridge who have been our Hearing Center since day one and come to see the boys in school weekly to work with them in and out of the classroom. So walk with us, donate, or just think of us on May 21!

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