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Welcome to "Team Adeline's" Page!

WE ARE BACK for another year participating in the Walk for Hearing - this year marks our 5th YEAR WALKING!!

Both Joe and I are very blessed - we are blessed with a beautiful daughter named Adeline Grace. Adeline entered our lives on February 17, 2012 and ever since that day, she has brought laughter and sunshine into our lives and family.

Adeline was born with a moderate-severe hearing loss in both of her ears and received her hearing aids before she was 8 months old. When we first learned of Adeline's hearing loss, we felt so many different emotions, many of which we continue to "manage" on a daily basis.

Adeline started receiving Teacher of the Deaf, (TOD), services from Summit Speech School in New Providence, NJ, when she was only 6 months old. We can't tell you what a difference this has made for not only Adeline, but for Joe and myself as well. Nancy, Adeline's TOD, came to our house every week for almost 3 years and worked with Adeline on how to use her own ears to listen and speak - what a beautiful thing!

Our connection to Summit Speech School still continues to this day, even though Adeline no longer receives services since she is now 6 ½ years old. The dedicated staff at this institution has helped educate, empower, and even wipe tears, throughout our journey. I am not sure where we would be now if it weren't for them.

In 2015, you may remember reading about our struggle that dealt with the effects from the lack of knowledge and education regarding this disability. We had to push and push, for almost one year, (yes, ONE FULL YEAR), for special education services in our school district. The struggle and anxiety with this left both Joe and I speechless, tired, and most importantly, frustrated – how can a child that is hearing impaired be denied services?

Shortly after the start of 2016, Adeline was found eligible to receive services and we were finally able to sigh, with a big relief, that “we are back on track”! From the very beginning we approached this challenge as an opportunity with the school district, (although there were many times we didn’t think we going to be able to keep pushing). Since Adeline is the first child to ever enter our school district with a hearing loss, we look at our journey to help educate the school and people that work with Adeline every day and will hopefully help pave the path for future children with hearing loss.

By donating to "Team Adeline", you're helping with the crusade with educating people about this disability and you're also helping people just like Adeline.

Adeline is an amazing child...she loves school, enjoys playing soccer, can't wait for Thursday's dance class - jazz funk this year, swimming, and enjoys, (but not ALL the time), the challenge of learning how to read. Her speech and language development continue to amaze Joe and I - on a daily basis.

We are tremendously blessed to have such a beautiful gift!

Thank you for visiting our page and reading our story and for your gift!

Love, Joe, Kristen and Adeline


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