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Nadia's Cruzers: Year 2
Nadia's Cruzers: Year 2

Nadia's Cruzers

Almost a year has passed since we joined together as Nadia’s Cruzers and walked in solidarity to honor our precious Nadia. We walked to bring awareness and support to the hearing loss community. As one of the largest teams with one of the highest amount of funds raised, we feel strongly that we were heard!We are so excited to begin our second year raising funds and awareness for this amazing organization.


As you may know, Nadia was born with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) caused by enlarged vestibular aqueducts (EVA). Google it :) Her development is being closely monitored by a Teacher of the Deaf, a Physical Therapist, a Speech Therapist, and an Audiologist who are all overwhelmingly positive about her growth. This past year we watched as Nadia proudly took her first steps and witnessed her discover that her hearing aids are her friends!  We've gone from pink sparkly molds to purple polka dots in keeping with the latest fashion trends. She has made great strides and continues to make us laugh every single day. 


We walk this year because we want our daughter to be happy, confident, independent and to love the life she was given. She is not different. She is not a stereotype. She will make waves. She will educate. She will fight for her rights. She will overcome. And we will be right there with her.


We'd love you to join our team, lace up your shoes, and have fun! The HLAA Walk4Hearing rallies communities across the country to create awareness about hearing health. Walk day is a chance for you to meet others with hearing loss, their families and supporters, learn from each other, and raise funds that go to national and local programs.


By joining Nadia's Cruzers, you do more than just contribute to a mission of providing information, education, support and advocacy for people with hearing loss, you are with others like yourself. You are not alone. Come and have fun!

Did you know that one in ten people has a hearing loss? Chances are you know a few people with some degree of hearing loss. Untreated hearing loss affects overall health in negative ways – falls, isolation, anxiety, depression, and now, a link between untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline. Many people age into their hearing loss while they are still in the workforce.

Hearing loss can be prevented, screened for, and treated. The HLAA Walk4Hearing brings people together in communities to create awareness about hearing loss.

Since 2006, the HLAA Walk4Hearing has raised more than $13 million and has become the largest walk for hearing health.

Take Charge of Your Hearing Health and Get Your Hearing Screened
The call to action of the 2018 Walk4Hearing is “Get Your Hearing Checked!” Take charge of your own hearing health (or encourage someone else) by getting a hearing screening! Follow HLAA Walk4Hearing on Twitter @Walk4Hearing and Tweet #screenURhearing to let us know that you got your hearing checked or encouraged someone else to do so.

I hope you can also join us or support our efforts by making a donation. And, if you are motivated, take charge of your own hearing health or encourage someone you know to get their hearing screened.

For more information about HLAA, please visit

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