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"My wife is an audiologist. She gets to feed her passion every day, helping people hear better. There's nothing that makes her happier than helping people hear and making a difference in their lives. If walking in the Walk4Hearing can help raise awareness for even one person to find resources or a person like my wife to improve their lives, then I’m all for it!"

–Brian Y., Washington DC Walk4Hearing

What Is the Walk4Hearing?

The HLAA Walk4Hearing is a national program that reaches out to more than 48 million people with hearing loss, their families, friends, and hearing health professionals to educate and raise awareness about hearing loss, good hearing health, and communication access.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, the Walk4Hearing has welcomed over 105,000 walkers and 9,200 teams since 2006. Whether you think you have a hearing loss, want to support someone who does, or if you have been living with hearing loss for some time, the Walk4Hearing is for you! We want to show you that you are not alone.

"We participate in the Walk4Hearing to help raise awareness and make an impact in our son’s future as well as for the Deaf and hearing impaired community as a whole!"

–Team Nathaniel, Connecticut Walk4Hearing

Walk4Hearing Is an Unforgettable Experience

The Walk4Hearing is about sharing an experience, making memories, and taking the first step toward better hearing health. Participating in a Walk4Hearing means connecting with thousands of people across the country with the same goals – to bring greater awareness to the challenges facing people with hearing loss, to educate the community about the value of hearing health and to raise funds to help support resources for the hearing loss community.

How Are Funds Used?

National Programs

  • Raise public awareness and provide unbiased information about hearing health
  • Advocate at the federal level to support policies such as hearing aid compatible and captioned phones, hearing access in public places, and captioning on the internet
  • Hold informational seminars about the latest in hearing technologies and services
  • Support those on their hearing journey, including parents of children with hearing loss
  • Work with industry to ensure that products are accessible to people with hearing loss
  • Scholarship opportunities for persons with hearing loss to attend annual HLAA Convention
  • Provide consumer input to research
  • Offer resource toolkits for the workplace and in medical settings

Local Programs

  • Provide resources for schools to help support children with hearing loss
  • Help fund college tuition scholarships for students with hearing loss
  • Financially assist those that cannot afford hearing aids and other devices
  • Establish hearing access in public places through the installation of hearing assistive technology
  • Supply captioning services and meeting space for HLAA Chapters and other community groups who provide support and education to the community

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"I walk for my son and HEAR-Os like him who overcome challenges daily without even knowing it. I walk for families of those with hearing loss to show that so much good can come after a diagnosis. We love our HEAR-O, Gavin!"

–Rachel S., San Diego Walk4Hearing 

About HLAA

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) opens the world of communication to people with hearing loss through information, education, support and advocacy. HLAA produces Walk4Hearing events, holds an annual convention, publishes the magazine, Hearing Life, advocates for the rights of people with hearing loss, and has HLAA Chapters across the country. The national headquarters is located at 7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 1200, Bethesda, MD 20814. Phone 301.657.2248 or visit

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