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Progress: 22%
Progress: 22%
Raised: $ 302258     Goal: $ 1400000

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Call to Action example of a request for captioningWe’re Issuing a Call to Action!

Step Up for People with Hearing Loss and Communication Access! It’s the theme for the 2016 HLAA Walk4Hearing and it is a Call to Action for people with hearing loss to step up and advocate for better communication access for themselves. Taking a few simple steps in your everyday life can go a long way toward creating awareness, reducing the stigma of hearing loss, and ultimately improving your quality of life. We are challenging you to take some simple steps in your everyday lives.

Business Team Chairs title bar

Business Team Chair - CapTel
Robert Engelke
Founder of CapTel Captioned Telephone
Milwaukee Walk4Hearing
Business Team Chair - MED-EL
Raymond Gamble
CEO & President of MED-EL
North Carolina Walk4Hearing
Business Team Chair - Cochlear Americas
Tony Manna
President of Cochlear Americas
Colorado Walk4Hearing
Business Team Chair - hi HealthInnovations
Lisa Tseng, M.D.
CEO of hi HealthInnovations
Minneapolis Walk4Hearing


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Featured Walker
Ian's Story
North Carolina Walk4Hearing
Featured Walker
Kalia's Story
Colorado Walk4Hearing
Featured Walker
Kiki's Story
Pennsylvania Walk4Hearing
Featured Walker
Sawyer's Story
Milwaukee Walk4Hearing


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umbrella incentive Any registered walker who raises $500 or more at the time of their walk will receive the Walk4Hearing umbrella on the day of the Walk. You must attend the Walk to pick up your umbrella. Umbrellas will NOT be mailed. Team totals and donors do not qualify.

This is a 41" folding umbrella which features a manual opening and has a three section folding metal shaft. The ergonomic matte black handle makes it easy to hold even during the windiest storms.There's a plastic wrist strap attached to the handle, the canopy is made from polyester and has a matching color case. The umbrella folds to 9" when closed.


captioning smartphone title graphic

Captioning Displayed on Smart PhoneAttention Walkers! Remember to bring your SmartPhones with you to the Walk because we will be streaming live CART to web-enabled smart phones. All pre-Walk speeches will be captioned on your iPhone, BlackBerry*, Droid, or iPad.

On Walk day all walkers who have their smart phone can go to www.quickcaption.com. There on the website homepage will be a large purple Walk4Hearing icon. Simply click the icon, click the "CC" icon next to your Walk location, real-time captioning will be enabled and displayed on your smart phone. There will be information cards with instructions available at the registration/check-in table on Walk day. This great service is provided by QuickCaption.

*To view the captions on the BlackBerry, you will need to be running the BlackBerry OS version 4.6 or higher, enable JavaScript, and set the browser type to BlackBerry. Then open the live event with the BlackBerry browser.