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2018 Spring Appeal

One way or another you have connected with HLAA.
I hope you can donate today to support our work. No amount is too small.

Third Annual Advisor’s Circle
There is a special offer for those of you who can give $10,000 or more by May 31.
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Dear HLAA Supporter,

You might be an HLAA member who receives our bimonthly magazine, Hearing Life, written with you in mind. Maybe you’ve attended an HLAA Chapter where everyone understands what it means to have a hearing loss. Did you get involved in our Walk4Hearing (in 18 cities this year)?

You might have attended an HLAA Convention where you made friends and saw the latest technology. We hope you’re planning to join us this June at HLAA2018 in Minneapolis. Perhaps you wrote to your member of Congress when we had a call to action. Or you follow us on Twitter.

What Happened When You Discovered HLAA?

Did you find that you are not alone? Did you get information that helped you make a choice about getting hearing aids or cochlear implants? Maybe you tuned in to our webinars and learned about captioning, hearing loops, apps, or some technology that helped you to better “understand” the dialogue. Maybe you found out you could stay on the job because you learned something from HLAA.

HLAA personally taught me how to stay connected in a "hearing world.”

Margaret says, “Hearing loss is life changing. Most adults who lose their hearing have lived in a hearing world most of their lives and remember what it is like to have good hearing. The challenge for those of us with late-onset hearing loss is most people don’t understand our circumstances. Generally, people don’t know how to communicate with individuals with hearing loss because they have never been taught. People with hearing loss often don’t know how to help themselves by learning how to manage and make the most of their limited hearing. HLAA was started 39 years ago to help fill this important void.”
Margaret sitting at a table
Margaret Widner-Kolberg, member from Baltimore, and Maryland state chapter coordinator

Thank You to Those Who Have Supported HLAA in the Past.
If You Can, Please Be Generous This Spring with a Donation

HLAA represents 48 million people with hearing loss in the United States. Everyone’s story is personal…every hearing journey is unique, although there are similar stories when you talk to people who have connected with HLAA. You tell us that HLAA gives you hope and helps you take charge of your situation. Please donate today.

Stay connected with us. We have a new brand, new logo, new name for our flagship publication, Hearing Life. Soon to be introduced is a new website, all with the goal of engaging more people along their hearing journeys.

We Have Work to Do and We Need Your Support to Do It

This year, we expect to see the Federal Communications Commission issue rules about captioned phones and we want to be sure your interests are represented. The Food and Drug Administration is opening a new category of over-the-counter hearing devices and we will give our input about safety and labeling. HLAA, as always, lives up to its reputation of unbiased, accurate and timely information about hearing health issues. Look for HLAA’s educational content on Connected TV (Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku).

After 30 years with HLAA, I’ve seen this organization ensure that when public policy and laws are drafted, people with hearing loss are remembered. After you’ve learned about your own hearing loss, many of you take the lead in your own communities to help others in HLAA Chapters, get involved in the Walk4Hearing, or teach others about hearing assistive technology.

HLAA is forward looking. We are optimistic about the future for people living with hearing loss. Please stay connected with us along your hearing journey. Thank you for any donation you can give, small or large. Like many nonprofits, we count on your generosity.

Thank you.

Executive Director
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