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You have the power to change your life — and the lives of 48 million Americans!

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Dear HLAA Friends and Supporters,

You are asking yourself, how can my gift possibly change my life and the lives of 48 million other Americans with hearing loss? HLAA founder, Rocky Stone, understood that one person can make a profound and lasting difference in the lives of others. He did, and so can you by making a generous gift to support our work in advocacy, raising public awareness, providing education, leading-edge information and caring support.

HLAA’s Advocacy Making a Difference Every Day for You

HLAA is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to ensuring that the rights and needs of consumers with hearing loss are met. Whether it is before a federal regulatory agency, or an assistive or emerging technology manufacturer or service provider, or the hearing instruments industry, or in the workplace, or with hearing health care professionals we are vocal, we are visible and we are omnipresent. We make your issues and positions known – we ensure your voices are heard. HLAA:

  • Successfully advocated for carriers to agree to deliver text messages-to-911 public safety answering points
  • Working with movie theater owners to ensure that cutting-edge closed movie captioning technology as well as assistive hearing technology is available in all theaters all the time
  • Fighting to stop Medicare from eliminating coverage of bone anchored hearing devices
  • Supporting PSAPS (personal sound amplification devices) as an affordable hearing option
  • Demanding adherence to captioning quality standards for television programming
  • Advocating for equal access to captioning on the Internet, including video clips
  • Advocating for Medicare coverage for hearing aids
  • Fighting to end discrimination in the workplace and employment access
  • Working to ensure emerging technology, such as tablets and mobile phones, can interface with hearing aids and cochlear implants
  • Advocating for high definition/wideband sound to be available and interoperable for all hearing aid compatible wireline and wireless phones
  • Educating hearing health care professionals on the benefits of training consumers on the use of interfacing assistive and emerging technology
  • Working to get hearing loops in private, public, cultural, and transportation venues

Raising Public Awareness at the Highest Levels

HLAA continues to raise the profile, seek recognition and engage in a national dialogue on hearing loss. We are partnering with nationally recognized and respected organizations with access to high-level and influential decision-makers who can change the lives for consumers with hearing loss.

Our recent achievements:

  • Sponsorship of the Institute of Medicine’s “Hearing Loss & Healthy Aging” workshop
  • Receiving a recommendation from the nationally syndicated Dear Abby
  • Collaborating with hi HealthInnovations on a national radio PSA awareness campaign
  • Supporting the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities
  • Participation in the 25th Anniversary of ADA the Americans with Disabilities Act

HLAA’s Consumer Technology Initiative Update

Last spring I wrote to you about a new program we are launching the Consumer Technology Initiative and I want to let you know that with your generous support, and support from foundations and corporations, we will be unveiling our CTI website in Summer 2015. We leveraged your contributions to attract other funders to make a financial commitment and invest in HLAA’s future. Thank you!

Why Your Financial Support Is Critical to Our Success

HLAA is a lifesaver for millions of Americans with hearing loss, directly and indirectly. We work to help you live successfully with hearing loss and are changing the hearing health care landscape. Help us reach our appeal goal of $150,000 that will provide the financial resources needed to meet the needs of a growing number of Americans with hearing loss. Your gift will support advocacy initiatives, consumer technology programming, increase organizational capacity and infrastructure, expand our community outreach, and raise public awareness.

Thanks to Loyal Supporters – Friends Like You – Who Choose to Make A Difference

Our Goal is $150,000

You are one of HLAA’s strongest supporters – if you can stretch your giving, at any level, and increase your support to help us reach our goal, the impact of your gift will increase as well! I hope that we can count on your support. In this season of joy and hope, your holiday gift will make an immediate difference. Thank you!

From all of us at HLAA, best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!

With my sincere appreciation,
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Anna Gilmore Hall
Executive Director

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